Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Frankenstien.....and I am not as bad as people think

      Super natural and super hero are the hot films to produce in Hollywood. I Frankenstein is the latest offering. Delayed releases, negative word of mouth, and not exactly house hold names in lead roles, and now it finally hits theaters. The I-MAX 3D isn't necessary, but it is cool. I remember when Underworld came out and it was better than expected so I went into this movie with an open mind.

     Frankenstein's monster is created and damned. He is full or rage and hunted by demons. We quickly learn that the world is populated with demons and the humans are defended by gargoyles who save the monster and offer him a place in their war. He declines and enters a self imposed exile. He decides to begin hunting the demons and 200 years later is caught up in a war to save humanity. He meets a scientist that is trying to recreate the experiments that gave him life, but it's her contributions that could be the key to the demons winning the war.

   Sounds complex, but it's actually very easy to follow. The film is based off a graphic novel that most of us have not read. Kevin Grevioux was one of the writers of Underworld and he is the same here. The movie definitely feels like Underworld. The tones, the cast, and the overall feel are very similar, but it's not a bad thing. If nothing else, the concept is cool.

   The gargoyles are easily one of the coolest things in the movie. It could stem from the fact that I loved the Disney cartoon and I loved the approach to them. The effects aren't perfect, but they are certainly serviceable. Miranda Otto is the queen and she is a little bland, but she does the best with what she is given. I never really felt enough emotion given her situation. Jai Courtney, who most will remember from Spartacus, finally gets a decent role. He is much better here than in the awful Die Hard sequel he was cursed with.

   The cast isn't bad. Bill Nighy is always a good villain. I wish he had more to work with. I kept picturing him as Victor from Underworld. I know that's probably because he was, but his character just falls a little short compared to his other roles. Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein was an interesting choice, but it works. He is in fantastic shape and pulls off this version of the character very well. I liked the look of the film. It is a dark and gritty world and share the visual qualities that I liked about Underworld.

   The concept of Frankenstein is a much cooler version than what we've seen before. It attempts to make the character hip. He isn't a speech impaired, semi intelligent freak of nature. He is cursed, but his creation allowed for him to have certain powers and introduces us to a new world. It has some similarities to things we've seen before, but I give them credit for trying to be different.
   It's a little Van Helsing, a little more Underworld, with a hint of Blade. It's not your grand fathers Frankenstein monster. It will probably continue to be bashed by fan boys because they want everything to be exactly to there liking. Probably why they still spend so much time in their parents basement. Sorry. Command center. It's not for everybody, but I Frankenstein is a good way to forget about life for a couple of hours.

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