Wednesday, July 30, 2014


  It's been awhile since I have wrote something that angered people. I guess I am due. The NFL is hands down my favorite sport to follow, but the NFL has really let me down. It has happened before, but now it has happened in epic fashion.  Obviously the Ray Rice suspension has caused some people to talk. He got a two game suspension for a "domestic incident." He has never been in trouble before so we will go easier on him. WTF!!!!!!!!

  I don't know Ray personally. He might be a great guy and a pillar of his community. Guys who are truly in that character, don't knock their girlfriends/wives unconscious and drag them through a casino. Most men are taught to not beat up the weaker sex. When we grow up as boys, we learn that we are supposed to be stronger and protect our ladies. Apparently our set of values and beliefs have really changed.

  I find myself trying to figure out when beating up girls became OK to forgive. In my book, it's just not. I understand that some people, myself included, are prone to volatile relationships. Relationships can cause both sides to get angry, but as MEN we really need to exhibit some better control. I am not saying it gives women the OK to get physical, but most men are a lot physically stronger.

   I think this started for me with the Chris Brown/ Rhianna situation. I didn't and still can't forgive, but the way I see it, Jesus is the one who forgives. We give celebrities too much slack. They make millions of dollars and we forgive because of who they are. The coach and the city applaud Ray for how he's handling the situation now. WTF!!! If he's a real man there wouldn't be a situation to handle.

   The NFL wants to make sure that you don't swear and use bad language on the field during the game, but go ahead and beat your girlfriend or wife. Only if you haven't had any prior incidents. It should be one and done. Most domestic violence counselors will tell you that it isn't a one time thing.  You were given a chance, Ray Rice, to something very few people get to do. YOU wrecked that opportunity. YOU did. They both blame alcohol? That's the excuse we are going with? If your drunk, beat up who you want! No!

  Grow up and look at what you have. You get pay beyond normal standards. Live beyond the mistakes that come with normal standards. As a public figure, you should be doing it better than the average guy. Yes people are human, but sometimes there shouldn't be second chances. By applauding and supporting how Ray deals with the situation, you are essentially saying it's alright. 

 What the NFL missed is the opportunity to be the leader. The opportunity to hold it's players to a higher standard. The chance to say, "domestic violence is not OK." The Ravens missed the chance to put it's team to a higher standard. Manning and Brady don't end up in theses situations because they get it. There is a segment of the population that seems to OK situations like Ray Rice and Chris Brown. A segment that lets too much slide. People don't stop becoming statistics until the rise above. People don't get better unless they learn to live better. 

  Ray Rice will address the world and will have sadness and regret in his heart. Too late Ray. Real men don't go there in the first place. Real men walk away. Real coaches cut players for this type offense. Real teams hold there players to higher standards. You missed the opportunity to make a statement NFL. Yes, you did make a statement, but it was the wrong one. You failed the fans, future players, and more importantly the kids who look up to the men who are a part of your organization. Roger(Goddell), you did not protect the shield. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gaurdians Of The Next Marvel Box Office Smash

    Marvel has a pretty good track record in recent years. Everything they are doing right now is working. Most of people, myself included, are not really familiar with The Guardians Of The Galaxy. It's a good thing because it keeps the expectations low. It's a bad thing because the Avengers they ain't. They are unrecognizable and it's not quite the same thrill as seeing heroes you grew up with brought to life. Unfamiliarity doesn't matter. This is the movie that Green Lantern should have been. It is a movie that is set in space, but grounded with earthy references. Trust me it makes sense when you see it.

   Peter Quil is taken into space by aliens as a young boy and pretty much lives in galaxies far far away. His only ties to earth is a Walkman with an awesome mix tape. The galaxy is highly populated. The Nova Corp keeps the peace and Ravagers steal and sell things. Quil is kind of the latter. While stealing an ancient artifact, he gets stuck with a female assassin, genetically altered raccoon, plant like creature, and tattooed warrior. All with their own agendas. Aliens are at war and one of the most ruthless is bent on destroying a planet. The unlikely team of outlaws must decide to profit or do what they can to save the universe.

  Most people will have not heard of the villains in the film, but they are solid Marvel characters and introduce us to an even bigger cinematic universe. If you watched the end of the Avengers than you got a glimpse of Thanos. He is a very well known comic villain and gets more of a tease in this one. Ronan The Accuser is the main baddie and it's comparable to the dark elf in Thor: The Dark World. Her isn't the strongest of villains, but he is more than serviceable for the film. The movie does a better job of convincing us that there is a real threat than Fantastic Four or Green Lantern did.

   Bradley Cooper steals the show as Rocket Raccoon. The look is fantastic and he finds himself the center of the comedy. Chris Pratt gives a good run as Star Lord. He can play emotional, comedic, and obviously went through a super hero work out plan. Zoe Saldana works as Gamora, and Vin Diesel doesn't say much, but makes three words speak volumes. Bautista was a big hit. Not quite the Rock, but he was a solid choice for Drax. 

   It's fun. The cosmic setting works. The space ships are cool and there are plenty of character references to the rest of the Marvel Universe. Casual fans should recognize items from the previous Marvel films. Guardians worked because it wasn't afraid to be what it was. It's a space epic that accepts it cheesiness and can appeal to a large audience. The soundtrack is incredible and it's promised that they will return. Hopefully sooner than later.