Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hobbit: 5 Armies Battle and an Era Ends

This holiday seasons marks the final time we return to middle earth, at least as far as new material is concerned. Peter Jackson has taken audiences on an amazing journey and now that trip is over. The Hobbit trilogy will come to an end and hopefully for most, it’s worth the long ride.  These movies are loved by critics and audiences alike. So does the final film exceed expectations or fall short?

We pick up where the last film ends. Smaug is attacking Watertown and the dwarves have reclaimed the mountain. Jackson opens the film with a big battle sequence and the film really doesn’t slow down. The various races learn quickly that the dwarves are back in the mountain with a treasure that everyone wants a piece of. Thorin is surrounded while madness, magic, orcs, battles, and tales of things to come immediately follow and it is every bit worth the ride.

The conflict between the characters is played well. The love triangle that exists between elf and dwarf might not be in the novel, but it plays well on the screen. We get to see what we come to expect from Legolas. He plays a large role and considering he was not in the original story, commands a fair share of screen time. The final battle is not quite as epic as the Two Towers or Return of The King, but it is fun to watch unfold.

Peter Jackson has done an incredible job of letting us into a world that was better described on paper. People have tried live action fantasy for years, but they seldom get it right. Jackson opened a world and let all types of audience into it. The collective work is truly one of the best ever. This final film blends seamlessly with The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. The Hobbit has been a fun journey. It’s sad that it comes to end, but it is definitely a great film in a collection that will remain timeless. The trip back to middle earth is beyond worth taking #onelasttime.