Friday, October 2, 2015

The Martian : Bringing Home a Great Movie!

 It's rare that movie that isn't super hero or controversy based gets a lot of buzz. It is even more rare when it doesn't come in the summer or the holiday movie season. This week The Martian hits theaters. Based off a book and starring Matt Damon it hopes to give viewers a whole new look at the mysterious red planet and a whole different idea about being stranded.

When astronauts blast off from the planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meager amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must science his way to survival on the hostile planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of NASA and the brightest minds on the planet work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue.

  The majority of the movie is Matt Damon on Mars. He has to grow crops on a planet without water or oxygen. We become engrossed in his struggle. Mars is four years away from the next launch mission and he doesn't even have enough food for one. The science of his stay is cool, but the movie paints an incredible picture of how hard it is to communicate. The shots of Mars look amazing and Damon does a great job of keeping the audience entertained by himself. 

   The supporting cast is strong. Jeff Daniels is great as the head of N.A.S.A. and after the Newsroom, is believable in the role. Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michale Pena are also really good in their respective roles.  It's a beautiful film and is definitely one to see on the big screen. I could really only find two real issues. I don't feel like we got a real look at how crazy the isolation would have driven Damon's character. The other problem is length. I feel like it could have been about a half hour shorter. Beyond those things, no complaints. It certainly worth the watch!