Friday, January 17, 2014

Jack Ryan...For A New Generation

    For those who grew up in the 90's, most of us remember Harrison Ford bringing Jack Ryan to life in Clear And Present Danger and Patriot Games. Ben Affleck was cast a few years back to reboot the franchise, but it didn't quite work as well as they hoped.  The analyst turned C.I.A. field op is back in another reboot. Is the audience ready and will it work?


    Chris Pine is takes over the role from Affleck and Ford. We meet Jack as a college student who gets patriotic and joins the Marines after the events of 911. He is injured and goes back to finish his PHD and is recruited by the C.I.A. He takes a cover as a Wall Street Exec and uncovers a plot to destroy the American dollar. He is mentored by Kevin Costner and tries to balance his secret life as an agent with his personal life  life. His girlfriend becomes involved and after they head to Moscow to prevent the fall of our economy, his life gets even more intense.


  The film isn't without flaw, but that's OK. The cast is really good. I am truly a fan of Chris Pine. He's like able, believable in action roles, and has genuine charisma. He gives an, "average Joe," quality to the character that is really enjoyable to see on screen. Kevin Costner is great in the mentor role. Costner seems to be picking the right roles these days. He is easily believable as the chiseled agency veteran and has great chemistry with Pine. It is Kira Knightly that does it for me. I never liked her in the Pirates films, but she truly feels part of this. She is simple, but beautiful and there is something about her fake American accent that I liked.

   The film isn't overly difficult to follow. It is not overly thrilling or explosive, but it just works. Kenneth Brannagh keeps the story simple to follow and doesn't waste a lot of the movie goer's time. It's a fun ride with serviceable villains and a decent plot. It's not your dad's Jack Ryan, but that is OK. I would have loved to see a Harrison Ford cameo, but I didn't leave disappointed.

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