Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anchorman 2 Breaking News or a Re-run

        Let's be clear, sequels are not easy. Comedies are even more difficult. It is hard to capture the same appeal of the first movie without being a carbon copy. Case in point, The Hangover 2. The original Anchorman is still quoted by people today and that is a lot of hype to live up too. The original cast is back and Will Ferrel seems to have fun with the Ron Burgundy character. I hope so because from ESPN to Dodge commercials, Burgundy is everywhere. Is it enough for the movie to work?

      Ron and Veronica have some issues and he quits the news business. Twenty four hour news is on the verge of launching and Ron and the team are recruited for the overnight shift. Burgundy does his thing and quickly they are back on top. New rivals, friendships, traumatic experiences, and the pressure of being the best force Ron Burgundy to decide whether it's news or family that he wants the most.

   The movie is silly. Almost too silly at times, but it's almost necessary. Anchorman 2 does a great job of not taking itself too seriously. The cast is great together, but I liked Steve Carell better the first go round. I think this time we get a little too much Brick for my taste. James Marsden is great as Burgundy's new rival and Megan Good is a lot of fun as Ron's new boss. Fans of the first will recognize the similarities from the first, but the movie does a good job of changing some of the classic moments from the previous installment.

   The cameos in the film are pretty impressive. Drake, Will Smith, Harrison Ford and more all add some fun moments to the film. I won't ruin all of them, but there are plenty to go around. The story is good, but it does go a little over the top at times. The supporting cast is great, but make no mistake, it is all about Burgundy.

   Will brings back everything you loved about Ron from the first film. The one liners are there, but not quite as strong. Magic is tough to capture twice, but Anchorman 2 does it's best. There is plenty of salon quality hair and news reading. There is a little jazz flute, some sex panther, and plenty of scotch. At the end of the day Ron Burgundy's legend continues and it's not bad. It's just not quite as good. Now you go see the movie and you stay classy blog readers.

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