Thursday, May 23, 2013

  Memorial Day weekend and the boys are back. The first Hangover was classic, but the second drew mixed reviews from just about everyone. I like the second. It had some moments that I loved and others that were just average. Most people seemed to feel like the second was a carbon copy of the first. It's 2013 and we get another sequel. How does it measure up?

 I am not really sure why it's called The Hangover because no one drinks and blacks out. This movie is all about Zach. Allan is off his meds and takes center stage. The guys reunite to drive him to an intervention and are caught up in drama created by Mr. Chow. We see a few characters from the first and meets some new ones. Chow stole some gold from Marshal (John Goodman) and he is slightly upset about it. He decides to use the wolf pack to track down Chow. Guns,violence, drugs, and danger  take over as the guys do there best to find Chow and save Doug.

  This is tough for me because I am a fan of the cast. I just didn't feel like they were into it. The movie is very different from the first two and it needed to be. They reference the previous installments which is good and it has a few funny moments, but I wasn't really impressed overall. The cast didn't seem to be having fun and truthfully neither was I. The story is OK, but it just didn't have the vibe that the others had. It's not a long movie and that is a good thing.

 What's not a good thing? Too much Chow. The movie was all about Chow and he had his moments, but over all he didn't seem to be into it either. Chow is a better party pal than ruthless criminal. The scenarios are far less entertaining. The movie tries to add some heartfelt moments, but in the end it just fails.
I didn't feel the need to walk out like some people did, but it is not even close to what it's previous installments were. My advice is wait for DVD. They didn't drink in the movie and neither did I, but we all left with a lot less of a Hangover.

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