Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fast and Furious Without Signs of Slowing Down

    It's hard to believe that this franchise has been going strong for so long, but the truth is in the ticket receipts. Fast and Furious has definitely earned it's keep. The original cast returned with the fourth installment and the series hasn't stopped. They've graduated from street racing to capers, but it is a welcome change of pace. The gang is back for a sixth outing and after the very successful Fast Five, expectations are very high.

   The adventure pics up right after the last. Dom and his team are enjoying the spoils of the previous heist. Brian and Mia are proud parents, Haan is traveling the world with Gisele, Roman and Tej are doing there thing, and Dom himself has made a life with Elena. The one common problem that they all have is the fact that they can never really go home. Hobbs in the meantime is tracking a group of highly trained drivers. He decides to catch criminals with criminals and along with his new partner, goes to fetch Dom. The fact the he has proof of Letty being alive along with full pardons puts the team back on the streets.

   Luke Evans joins the cast as Shaw. He is without question the most dangerous foe the team has came up against. Military background, no morals, and intensity make him a more than worthy adversary. He also has a team with some pretty cool gear that we see in action right away. It has a different tone than the previous adventure, but is it good?

   What made the last movie so good is the same in this outing. The cast. Deisel and Paul Walker seem to have embraced the fact they will forever be Dominic Torreto and Brian O'Connor. The still have a great on screen chemistry and are still fun to watch.  I love the Rock in supporting roles. People believe that he is "The Franchise Saver," and while there is truth to that, he is better when it's not all focused on him. He is Hobbs and make no mistake, Hobbs is a bad ass dude. Gina Carano is also well cast and really does hold her own. The rest of the usual suspects all do their parts and it doesn't seem to get old. Jordana Brewster has a smaller role this outing, but it makes sense that she would watch the kid while Brian is out taking down international criminals. I loved Michelle Rodriguez. It's a different Letty, but Michelle is tough enough to believe she really could go head to head with Carano.

  So what went wrong? I will take heat for this, but too much unbelievability. Dom and his crew are a team of thieves and street racers. In reality it's hard to believe that they could take down one of the world's most dangerous criminals. Even with The Rock. These films have always been famous for crazy stunts, but this one goes just a bit too far outside of reality. If you can suspend belief, you'll have a great time.
  The last film was more fun. This one has a different tone, but allot of things work well. Nods to the things that make it famous, the cast, and locations make it a good time. It's cool to see Dom and Hobbs fighting together instead of each other. There is a twist that I loved and didn't see coming that plays well. The story really ties the films together and the last twenty minutes of the film to me were better than most of the action. The team has been given a green light for another adventure and I am all in for the next ride.
It's a different tone, some new twists, but worth taking Fast 6 for a drive. If you're a fan of the franchise you won't be disappointed and it looks like next time, we will finally get to Tokyo.


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