Friday, August 10, 2012

The Campaign...worth voting for?

  A comedy with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis should be a no brain er and it is. Ted was a great adult comedy and this one follows up nicely. This summer has been short on comedy and high on action and adventure. The Campaign follows the same recipe as Step Brothers and The Hangover. Crude and vulgar.
It won't be for everyone and definitely not for families, but it is a laugh out loud comedy.

 It is an election year and timing couldn't be better. North Carolina is the setting where congressman Cam Brady will run UN opposed for re election. He is your typical politician and is in the driver's seat until an mistaken call and x rated voicemail land him in hot water. One of his largest contributors decides to put a new candidate in Brady's spot. The Motch brothers, played by Dan Akroyd and John Lithgow, decide Brady is no longer their guy and the seek out a new contender.

 Marty Huggins (Galifinakis) is a simple man who runs a travel and tour agency. He is weird, but unknown and will be perfect competition for Brady. The Motch's bring in Dylan McDermott to train Huggins and the mud slinging begins. The candidates both have to discover what's important, congress or family.

 The cast was fantastic. The movie is an excuse for Ferrell to swear and like Step Brothers, it works!
Cam Brady is the perfect balance of Will's George W Bush mixed with Ricky Bobby. The recital of The Lord's Prayer is hilarious. Fan's of Between Two Ferns will recognize the character that Galifinakis is playing, but it won't stop you from laughing.  The Campaign gets dirty and the humor and situations are very crude at times, but you will have a hard time not laughing.

 The movie is based on money buying politicians and it mirrors reality enough to make you think, but it is still filled with laughs. Ferrell and Galifinakis are perfect together and their pairing is long over due. It's no one for the whole family, but if you are looking for a good adult comedy it's a winner.

The only thing that I was missing  was a Rob Riggle or John C Reily cameo. Either way, The Campaign definitely gets my vote!

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