Friday, August 10, 2012

Bourne again?

   Everyone likes a good conspiracy movie. People love when the government is corrupt and one man can stand up against them right? This was the story of the "Bourne" movies and the latest chapter doesn't stray.
Matt Damon is not in the movie, but the presence of his character, Jason Bourne is definitely felt though out the film. The corrupt organization called Treadstone is on the verge of being exposed thanks to the work of Bourne in the previous films. Edward Norton is brought in to eliminate any one with knowledge of the program's existence.

 Renner is Aaron Cross or "Number Five." He sets out to stop Norton and to follow through on the work that Bourne did. He finds an ally in Rachel Weisz, who is great as the scientist who was in charge of examining new participants in the program. Cross is out to prove he is more than a complex government experiment. There are twists and turns, intense action, and it stays very true to what one would expect from the Bourne Franchise.

 Edward Norton is great. I love him when he plays the villain. He was great in the Italian Job as the bad guy and it plays well here too. He has the right amount of swagger and intensity for the role of a corrupt soldier. I love intelligent bad guys and Norton is just that. Every successful movie must have a good villain.
Rachel Weisz does well too. She really holds her own when she is involved in lengthy fight scenes. She comes across as a kind of tougher version of the Julia Stiles character in the previous films.

 Jeremy Renner is great. He literally follows in Matt Damon's footsteps and it works. He plays a great agent. The fights are spot on and after turns in The Avengers and Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol he is completely believable. He is essentially from the same program as Jason Bourne, but Renner does a great job of  making Aaron Cross a character you want to see more of.

 So what went wrong? I won't say much, but the whole time I was watching I felt like I had seen this before.
The cast is great. The story works, but I just feel like we didn't get anything new. The Bourne Legacy is not a bad movie. It's a great smart action flick. I think fans will love, but it just didn't seem like a new movie.

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