Friday, February 27, 2015

Focus: Is Spot On

     Will Smith used to be box office gold, but his track record of late has been box office garbage. I think Will has finally decided to stop doing things to get work for his son Jayden and focus on his own career again. The first attempt at that is Focus. It's gritty, funny, and not full of big explosions or special effects. That being said, it's Will's best work in quite some time.

     Smith plays Nicky. The best in the con business. He's a liar, cheat, and probably a gambling addict. He finds an up and coming woman who wants to find her big score Nicky takes her under his wing and they pull off an unbelievable con. The problem is, love and his lifestyle don't mix. After they become romantically involved, Nicky leaves her. They meet again three years later while he is working a job and things get a bit interesting.

   The cast is solid. Margot Robbie is the next "it girl." She has charisma and really holds her own with Will Smith. It's a different kind of Smith, but there is no denying that Will is still a smooth operator. The two of them have great chemistry which we will see again in the DC Comic film Suicide Squad. The movie creates a fun,but dangerous world that you might find interesting to be a part of. 

     The cast is strong. Rodrigo Santoro from 300 is the villain. The thing about this movie is that even the villains don't have to be bad guys. The movie does a great job of inviting you into the world. The fun part is never knowing what is real and what is part of the con. It's not the Will Smith film that we are used to, but it is the Will Smith movie that Will needs. It's gritty and fun all at the same time. In a nut shell, this one is in nearly perfect Focus. 

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