Friday, January 9, 2015

Taken ...For A Slightly Different Ride.

Liam Neeson is back  for a third run with Brian Mills, the former  operative with a very unique set of skills. This time around he is framed for killing his ex and sets out to clear his name.  There are nasty foreign bad dudes, his daughter with a secret, the police, FBI, and half a dozen other organizations looking for him, and Brian has to go through them all. 
 It starts a little a slow and certainly has a different feel to it. We don’t get to see as many of the cool skill set used this time around, but it isn’t a bad outing. It is supposed to be the end of the franchise, but I see a fourth one on the horizon. Liam is definitely showing his age, but there is no denying how much of a bad ass this character is.
I had more fun with the first two, but Taken 3 is a good escape that is never meant to be taken seriously.

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