Thursday, May 22, 2014

X-MEN:Days Of Future Past Storyline Corrections

   There is a lot riding on the X-Men franchise. It is arguably one of the most popular comic books in existence. The film adaptations have made sick money, but it also is a franchise that has left it's fan base angered at times. The third installment of the franchise causes fans the most strife. Fox is also notorious for ruining characters. This time around they take one of the most popular story arcs in the comics and attempt to bring it to life. My friend McConnel would probably agree that the fan boy in me really comes out when it comes to X-Men. Make no mistake, I hated X-Men the Last Stand. It was in a word,"garbage." Characters filled the screen to be used wrong and serve no real purpose. It took another popular story arc and failed miserably to bring it to life. Fox now brings Bryan Singer back and away we go.

  In a very "Terminator-esque," future the mutants and humans are all but extinct. The few that remain are desperately trying to save the world. They have found a way to alter the timeline and prevent the current world they live in from existing. Based on his healing factor, Wolverine (Huge Jacked-Man) is sent back to 1973 to stop the events that led to their current world being created. A world where giant robots called, "Sentinels," hunt humans and mutants alike. Wolverine awakens to a mentally broken Professor X and a Magneto imprisoned by the government. Time is running out and the fate of the world is once again in Wolverine's hands.

    Hugh is better than ever as Logan. I was a fan of, "The Wolverine." It had flaws, but they finally got the character right. Jackman is slides right into the role again and wears it like a glove. Time travel has always been the Hollywood way of correcting problems and they do their best to fix the issues most of us had with Wolverine's first solo outing. The door is wide open for wear Wolverine ends up next. The film doesn't erase the bastardization of Dead pool, but after this it will be easy to try and forget it.

    You win an Oscar and you get to be the start. It was that way for Halle Berry which didn't go so well in X3 and now it's Jennifer Lawrence's movie, but it works. Mystique is the center of this story. Lawrence doesn't disappoint. She looks incredible and carries her load well. I don't know that a solo Mystique move would work, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

   There are pretty significant differences between the movie and the comic arc, but they work for the movie. The old and young versions of Xavier and Magneto play very well. They take liberties with a few of the characters, but it doesn't hurt the film. A few characters didn't make the cut, but the ones that did are used properly. People wanted explanations for Beast being human, Xavier walking, and where the rest of the First Class are? Those questions are answered in a satisfactory manor. They pretty much give the finger to X3 and I applaud that direction. Quicksilver isn't as bad as he looks and Peter Dinklage is good, but Boliver Trask is not nearly the monster that Tyrion Lanister is.

   The are some fun story moments and it is epic in scale. They still can't seem to do what all X films do and put characters that don't belong into a story. Bishop being one of them. He works well enough, but much like "Angel," in X-Men: First Class, he doesn't fit here. It was cool to see Ice Man closer to right and Blink is very cool. It's not as good as X2, but it is a shot of improvement into a franchise that needed it. It's worth the ride and make sure you stay to the last credits roll. The future is wide open, but the quick trip to the past is right up there with the end of The Avengers and the Thanos reveal .

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