Thursday, June 20, 2013

World War Z....Deserves to be a World Wide Hit.

  The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, or at least what World War Z would lead you to believe. The movie has gotten a lot of bad press for being over budget, production delays, and negative reaction from some movie goers. It looks like Walking Dead on an epic scale, but it is not The Walking Dead. It is something entirely different. Political undertones, zombies, destruction, and family. Sounds like the recipe for a summer movie, but does World War Z deserve your money at the box office? Yes, yes it does.

  The film is based off a book that a lot of us haven't heard of. I've never read the book, but I am told that the film strays from it. Brad Pitt is a former United Nations employee whose job is now to be a stay at home dad. It's never explained what he does, but he has skills that allow him to operate in dangerous parts of the world. He and his family are caught in the middle of chaos when a zombie pandemic breaks out. Gerry (Pitt) is recruited to accompany a scientist around the world to find the source and a possible cure. His family is left in the care of what's left of the U.S. Government and he sets off to save the world.

 World War Z is very well thought out. It plays much like you would think a real world zombie plague would be approached. Denial. Governments ignore words like 'zombie," until it's too late.
The cast beyond Pitt is relatively unknown and I think that is why the film does work so well. No stereo types and good performances all around.

   Pitt is the heart of the movie. He is more than believable as the rugged hero, but it is the time he shares with his on screen family that really pulls you in. He is a father and a husband. He has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but at the end of the day he is simply a father doing all he can to save his family. Brad is certainly showing his age, but he still captures your attention and has a magnetism that few others command. He is a movie star in every sense of the term.

  The zombies are pretty cool and the film has it's share of intense moments. It never uses the gore like other films have. It is smarter than that. The plot is simple and yet effective. It is epic in scale and does a great job of showing how much society would/could breakdown if something like this were to happen. The plane scenes are terrific and may be the scariest. World War Z answers the question of being stuck on a plane with zombies.

  Summer movies offer a wide variety of choices with action usually winning out. World War Z has it's share of action, but it is also smarter than people will give it credit for. It's a little Walking Dead and Resident Evil mixed nicely with National Treasure and Contagion. It doesn't need the graphic violence because it has something a lot of films seem to lack, plot. I am not sure it needs to be in 3D , but it is still worth checking out either way.

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