Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's an Election!

                It’s Election Day and it’s very tough. Whichever candidate wins we are still hurting. The country is a wreck and you can’t make everyone happy. We owe money. A good job is hard to find. It’s easy to wonder if America is even the leader anymore.  
                I would certainly never want to be anything other than American and I am not bashing our great land, but we got some problems. We are one of the richest countries in the world and yet so many go without. Greed has over run this land to a point beyond sickening. Major corporations want more and care less about who they step on to get it.  I am not one to suggest giving everything away, but you would think that we could find a middle ground.
                This generation has known nothing but war. We need to protect ourselves and worse we have put our fighting men and women in harm’s way for a war we should never have fought that has cost us astronomical amounts of money.  The War on Terror might be one that we will never win. We as a country have spent too many years getting involved in everyone else’s issues.  I wish we would worry about our own house before we start redecorating our neighbors.
                Our country, which was once a melting pot, has become a place where kids are bullied for simply being different.  Violence is more widespread than it has been in years. Schools have metal detectors and good teachers are eclipsed by the ones who have given up the fight. There was a time when we learned tolerance and that seems to be a forgotten concept in so many places.
                This nation needs a reset. It will not happen regardless of who is in office. Washington needs to be clean swept. Special Interest Groups, Political Agendas, and probably a lot of congressmen and women need to be ejected. People on both sides need to come together and fix the country.  This land and its people deserve better than the cards we have been dealt.  Politicians are part of the blame and the people are the other. When things go good we never question. When they go bad we point fingers. It’s already too late at that point.  
                People say things were better when Clinton was in office. Those people are correct, but we can’t go back. I wish sometimes that we could. The only option is to go forward.  I hope that when you went to the voting booths that you were making a decision. A decision that you think is right for you. An educated choice base not on what other people think, but what feel best about.
                We still have a long way to go. This country is still the best one on the planet and has so much more to offer. There is a dream that was America. It would be nice to see it come true.

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