Saturday, January 7, 2012

Transformers 3.... It is that good!

Ok. So people hate Michael bay. People complain about transformers. The second movie was a let down, but this time it was done right. It is a popcorn movie, but it has what Green Lantern and Revenge of the Fallen lacked...a good story!

I thought with the first Transformers that Bay would ruin my childhood,but he did not. I didn't hate Fallen. Dark of the Moon is the biggest movie of the summer.

Minor spoilers ahead......

The moon landing is government conspiracy? Believable story. Works great for the movie. Patrick Dempsey plays a great dick. Prime kicks ass.

The Ark escapes Cybertron carrying technology that can save the AutoBots. The government steals it and Prime is pissed. They acknowledge events of the second movie without dwelling on it. The matrix is the only thing that can revive Sentinel Prime and that works. The redesign of Megatron is top notch. The twins are not there and that is great.

Shia doesn't ruin the movie and the character of Sam is struggling with what we all do. What is my place in the world? I like Laserbeak as a vulture. Sound wave was fun and Shockwave is not the main villain ,but that twist is cool. RC is gone and it's not explained. There is a shot taken at Megan Fox but it's OK.

AUtobots die. Chicago is decimated. The second part of the movie is Epic!
It was great to see Prime kick some ass. The trailer is very cool and it feels like your childhood has come to life.

Bay is done, but he goes out big. My only dislike is "Dino" should be "Hot Rod" or "Mirage."
See the movie. It is worth it .Transformers 3 is what a summer movie should be.... Big , bold, and begging you to come back for another ride.

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